There are many methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The first recorded treatment of hemorrhoids was in 600BC when Hippocrates performed the first ligation of hemorrhoids. He tied a thread around a prolapsing hemorrhoid causing it to fall off. Today, we have many methods of treatment that still include ligation which now uses latex rubber bands, as well as an injection of hemorrhoids known as sclerotherapy (Sclero or Sclerosis) as well as infrared coagulation (IRC). The latter method is often referred to as “laser treatment.”

Over the years, there have been many methods of hemorrhoid treatment which have included the non-surgical treatments as well as various surgical procedures like hemorrhoidectomy surgery, stapled hemorrhoidectomy surgery (PPH), transhemorrhoidal dearterialization surgery (THD) and traditional laser surgery. Of all these methods, we utilize the most advanced and patient-friendly techniques that can be performed in a physician’s office. This is non-surgical treatment with Sclero, RBL and IRC.