Condyloma, venereal warts, anal warts, penile warts, genital warts?

These are real problems being dealt with by real people every day.   If you suffer from anal warts or genital warts, you know the physical and emotional strain it places on you and your relationships. What’s worse than the actual warts themselves is how the disease can produce such strong feelings of isolation.
The good news is there is hope. There are treatment options available to you that will remove or destroy the warts – giving you have a chance of restoring a fulfilling sexual relationship without fear of spreading the problem.
At Mountain Streams Medical Center, we can treat even the most difficult cases. One highly successful technique we use combines laser technology with non-surgical excision. The treatment combo of laser cryotherapy and excision is an office based, non-surgical treatment.


If you suspect you have, or if you have been diagnosed with genital or anal warts, remember you’re not alone. There are many people who have come through what you’re going through now. The most important thing to do is seek treatment and be comforted by knowing you will overcome this and return to living your life the way you intended.
Not all ob/gyn’s or general practitioners tackle this condition. It’s often something they don’t advertise that they will do. The warts are stuck to you and many practitioners don’t want to deal with it specifically.


signs of genital wartsHPV VIRUS

The HPV (Human Papillomavirus Virus) Virus can live in the body under the skin for weeks, months or years without symptoms of the disease. We have seen patients, faithful to their partners, befuddled by the fact they have developed genital or anal warts. When this occurs, it’s important you, and your partner to be proactive and seek treatment to begin restoring your health and relationship.
We know genital and anal warts carry a negative stigma.  We understand your sensitivity and you will find that we provide discrete treatment services in an understanding, caring and nonjudgmental environment.
Our goal is to help you heal and regain a fulfilling relationship without fear.


Conditions Commonly Mistaken for Warts

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