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Top Reasons To Schedule A Visit To The Proctologist

Who would have ever thought that seeing a proctologist would become a part of a yearly routine?  What is a proctologist anyway?

What Is A Proctologist?  

A proctologist specializes in diagnosing and treating maladies of the rectum or anus.  Ordinarily, we pay little attention to our colon, our rectum or our anus.  But, guess what?  With age comes things like constipation, hemorrhoids or anal pain.

What Does The Proctologist Do? Proctology anatomy of colon and intestines   

Few of us know much about these symptoms. That’s where the proctologist comes in. At the physician’s office, you will interviewed by your doctor in a quiet and confidential setting.  Following this, your proctologist will gently examine you.  You may have a digital exam, whereby the doctor uses a gloved finger to examine the inside of your anal canal and rectum.  This is a painless exam.  Your proctologist may also examine your anal area with a small scope called an anoscope. A proctoscope may be used to look slightly deeper into your rectum.  Finally, your stool will be checked for any microscopic blood.But why would you ever need to see a proctologist?

The list of top reasons to visit a proctologist:

  1. An external anal lump, most likely a hemorrhoid, is seen or felt.
  2. A painful, red swelling on the buttocks which may be an abscess (a collection of pus).
  3. Rectal bleeding
  4. A change in bowel habits, or change in the size of excretion.
  5. You have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and wish to find options to manage your disease.
  6. The catch-all category called OTHER.  There are so many other relevant reasons related to your anus that would require you to see a proctologist.

Where To Find A Proctologist.

At Mountain Streams Medical Center you will become fully educated in all aspects of your problem. You will have a chance to ask questions of the doctor.  Rather than being frightened, become educated and participate in your diagnosis and care.  Mountain Streams Medical Center is your center of excellence in non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment. Please call us and get help for your condition today!