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Embarrassed By Your Hemorrhoids?


A quick online search turns up many people suffering from painful and annoying anal itching and burning, all looking for assurance their hemorrhoid symptoms will go away on their own instead of having to face a doctor. We get it – hemorrhoids are embarrassing.

As it turns out, most people feel the same way you do. It’s important to understand why seeing a doctor is critical when you experience symptoms of piles, especially rectal bleeding.

Understanding the Embarrassment

People don’t talk about problems “back there” in polite conversation. You’ve probably never discussed your hemorrhoids with your friends. Why would you want a stranger, your doctor, to have a look “down there”?  It’s a common concern, and a reason people suffer through painful and distracting symptoms for so long.

There are several reasons to overcome your embarrassment and see a doctor specializing in non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment.

It Might Not Be Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids share symptoms with many other conditions and problems. This includes everything from anal fissures to rectal cancer. Getting a correct diagnosis is important, especially to rule out more sinister conditions.

Your Doctor Can Provide Quick Relief

non-surgical hemorrhoid banding treatment

If you are reading this, you probably know far more than you want to about the painful itching and burning of hemorrhoids, as well as other symptoms. Using over the counter products is only temporary relief. Your doctor can offer almost instant relief with in-office non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments.

Serious Complications Can Occur

In some cases, hemorrhoids can cause serious complications. Thrombosed hemorrhoids, anal pain or bleeding, require immediate medical attention. Getting the care you need quickly allows your doctor to treat them in a minimally invasive way, getting you relief faster.

Your Doctor Has Seen It Before

Your doctor has had years of experience, education and training, and is an expert at handling your embarrassing situation in a discreet and caring way. Because of federal law, your doctor cannot tell anyone outside of the clinic about your condition without your approval. A well-trained doctor will also be able to put you at-ease before and during your exam, and most people find that they have nothing to worry about.

Your doctor works with hemorrhoids all day every day. Piles are the most common medical complaint in our practice.  Our proctologist sees hundreds of cases every month.

Knowing What to Expect Can Make It Easier

In some cases, just knowing what to expect can make it easier. Your doctor will want to know how long you’ve had symptoms, and how much they interfere with your daily activities. The doctor will likely have a good idea of whether you have hemorrhoids based on this conversation, but they will still need to conduct an exam. This may include:

  • For external hemorrhoids, this will likely include an external visual exam.
  • To visualize internal hemorrhoids, your doctor will likely insert a small anoscope that allows them to see the tissue just inside the anus. This should be painless and takes only a few seconds.

Make the Appointment and See Your Doctor

The best way to get an accurate diagnosis and the relief you need for your hemorrhoid symptoms is to see your doctor. We understand this is not an appointment you will look forward to, but seeing a doctor is the best option for your health. Dr. Scott Woody of Mountain Streams Medical Center is a specialist who offers compassionate and discreet care, and can help you get relief as soon as possible.