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This is a very common issue for women during their child bearing years or even many decades later. The stresses and damage from this time in a woman’s life, unfortunately, has a long lasting and recurrent effect.

The physical stresses of carrying a pregnancy combined with labor and delivery can be too much for the anorectal tissues to tolerate. Increased pressure from a growing baby pushes down on the hemorrhoid vessels causing them to bulge and swell. As hemorrhoids stretch out of shape, they continue to progress in both size and inflammation. This peaks during the strain and stress of delivery.

Constipation becomes more common during pregnancy as the baby grows and squishes the bowel. This causes a mechanical blockage. Other factors can cause drier bowel movements. Toileting takes longer for the stool to pass and strain of elimination increases. Small injuries and tears can occur to the anus and rectum during difficult bowel movements. This situation can become unbearable with pain or an accompanying blood clot(s) called thrombosis.

All these factors can combine to be a perfect storm of pain and agony for a woman, prompting her to call for an urgent appointment. We understand this condition and have special care programs designed to quickly examine and treat women with this problem.

We are pleased to offer our patients fast access to care, usually within 24 hours of their call, most of the time the very same day. Patients love to skip the ER or Urgent Care and come directly to us where they can actually be examined and treated by a specialist, not left sitting for hours only to hear “I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do. You’ll have to get an appointment with a surgeon and here is a prescription for some cream and a pain pill. Good Luck.” We strive to put an end to this scenario and hope you call us sooner rather than later!