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Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment of Hemorrhoids

As a general rule, make an appointment with our office if your hemorrhoids are painful or bleed frequently or excessively. With earlier treatments, many times the “cure” was as bad, or worse, than the disease. For this reason many hemorrhoid sufferers put off treatment until only surgery could correct the problem. Now with Infrared Coagulation, there is no reason to put off treatment – it is safe, effective and well tolerated by patients. The earlier treatment occurs with onset of hemorrhoids, generally, the easier it is to treat. Read more…

Anal Fissures Causes and Treatments

Anal fissures are small tears or cuts in the ano-rectal mucosa. Fissures often cause extreme pains that make toileting very difficult. Sometimes, patients complain of the inability to pass bowel movements or gas due to tightening or spasms of the internal anal sphincter muscle underlying the mucosal tear.Read more…

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Naturally, as a medical center dealing with hemorrhoids, our physicians encounter and treat many cases of IBS. A tough and complex disease to treat, IBS is best controlled by implementing many treatment modalities. Both traditional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are often used together to gain the best results. Read more…

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