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What Are the Treatments for Hemorrhoids?

 Hemorrhoids can appear at any time during our life and can be quite burdensome, painful and down right embarrassing!  With such a large number of people suffering from hemorrhoids, most primary care physicians (PCP) have only a small variety of treatment options before recommending you see a surgeon.  Due to this situation, most patients leave their PCP’s office with one of two options:  fill another prescription or consider a visit to see a surgeon.

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Signs and Symptoms of Internal Hemorrhoids

As many as fifty percent of Americans will suffer from hemorrhoid symptoms in their lifetime.  This is a very frustrating, embarrassing, and often time painful situation.  This will disrupt the lives of people both personally and professionally.  Because the onset is usually unexpected, people have little choice but to be reactionary in their response.  These flare-up situations can ruin vacations and cause loss of work.  We strongly suggest, that when faced with hemorrhoid symptoms, you take swift action to address the problem and take proactive steps to fix your problem immediately.

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