Dr. Woody specializes in non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment and office-based proctology. He enjoys this niche because

  • It is commonly overlooked
  • It leaves patients trying creams and potions without resolution of their problem

Many physicians and patients alike do not realize there is a fantastic option between over-the-counter medications and dreaded hemorrhoid surgery!

Dr. Woody incorporates the latest medical research and over 15 years of experience to his procedures and care. The goal is simple:

  • To provide fast, effective, quality treatment in a calm and pleasant office setting
  • And to offer all non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments in one location, not as a stepping stone that leads to surgery

Dr. Woody graduated from Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience in 2000. He completed his postgraduate training in Michigan and Colorado before becoming double board certified in Family Medicine and Holistic Medicine in 2003.

Dr. Woody’s  extensive education, his natural giftedness for healing and patient care, and his penchant for developing top notch procedural skills make him unmatched in hemorrhoid treatment in Denver and Colorado Springs.